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Mangrove Jacks Starter Brewery Kit UK/SA

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A complete set of quality brewer's equipment and specialized ingredients to get you brewing today! Everything you need is in the kit. The kit also comes with thorough instructions to make sure your first brew is a success. 

Kit makes 23 L of Traditional Series Beer.

Equipment Included:

30 L Barrel, Lid, Tap & Stick-on Digital Thermometer

Bubbler Airlock & Grommet


Brewer's Spoon (39 cm)


No Rinse Sanitizer

Brew Bottler

Sediment Reducer

1 x Standard Brush

Twin Lever Emily Capper

150 x Crown Seals

Ingredients Included:

Mangrove Jack's Traditional Series Pouch

Mangrove Jack's Light Liquid Malt Extract (LME) 1.2kg
Carbonation Drops x 60
Bottles not included