Orange Honey Wheat Ale - All Grain Recipe

 2018-12-11 11:10 AM by

Orange Honey Wheat Ale


  • 5kg SAB Pale Malt
  • 4kg BEST Wheat Malt
  • 500g BEST Caramel Hell
  • 220g BEST Melanoidan Malt
  • 220g BEST Vienna Malt
  • 500g Rice Hulls
  • 42g Hersbrucker Hop Pellets
  • 42g Hersbrucker Hop Pellets
  • 28g Saaz Hop Pellets
  • 28g Saaz Hop Pellets
  • 57g Orange Zest
  • 28g Citra Hop Pellets



  • Fill the boiler with 17.5L of water and input a temperature of 68 C.
  • When the water reaches 68C, slowly add the pack of grain, stirring gently as you do to avoid dry clumps. Set the mash up as per the Grainfather instructions. Mash for 60 minutes at 68 C. While mashing, make sure the element variation switch is on mash.
  • After 60 minutes, input a temperature of 75 C for the mash out and switch the element variation switch to Normal. Continue to recirculate the wort at 75 C for 10 minutes.
  • Sparge with 15L of water. This water must be at 75 C.
  • At the boil, at 60 min, add 42g of Hersbrucker hop pellets. Then at 20 minutes of the boil, add another 42g of Hersbrucker hop pellets and 1 tsp of Irish Moss. Then at 5 minutes, add 28g of Saaz Hop Pellets and again at 1 minute. Then dry hop with Citra Hop Pellets at day 5 of fermentation.
  • After adding the last hop addition, let the wort rest for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes give the wort a good stir. Then chill it using your Counter Flow Wort Chiller, as per the Grainfather instructions. As the cool wort collects in your fermenter, pitch the yeast.
  • After the cooled wort has been transferred into the fermenter, place the fermenter into a fridge or cool spot to achieve average temperature of 20 C. hold it at this temperature for the duration of fermentation.