Learning to taste Beer

 2019-06-27 03:35 PM by

Learning how to taste beer

There is more to tasting beer than to just simply like it – it is an art to identify the types of active components within the beer. After reading this little blog, you should have acquired a special set of skills when it comes to beer tasting.

Firstly, is to identify the flavours present in the beer:

To be able to identify the flavours present in a particular brew is the first step to beer tasting. Some people just have the gift of the gab and are able to identify straight away – they are able to make the correct correlations. Others need to familiarise themselves with the flavours – but don’t worry – it’s merely practice!

Practice and prioritize your sense of smell and taste:

A great way to do this is by smelling and tasting literally anything – this helps your mind to identify the different possible aromas and flavours that can possible exist. Memorable associations with locations are also an excellent way to identify aromas and tastes better. Also, it creates a creative rush when describing the flavour and aroma.

Make all senses useful when exploring the ingredients present:

Again, we look at the components that make up the brew and utilize all of our senses to give a full evaluation of the brew itself. What types of malt was used and what are the differences in scent, texture and colour? Or the different functions of hop varieties ( is it aromatic? What does it smell like? Or bittering hops?)

It’s a starting point, but these little handy tips, when implemented into your beer tasting routine, will become second nature. Cheers!