GREAT NEWS! Our Monster Mills have ARRIVED!

 2021-01-22 08:05 AM by

GREAT NEWS! Our Monster Mills have ARRIVED!

Hey Brewers! We have some very exciting news for you ... our Monster Mills have arrived!

It’s time to start milling your own malt like a pro at your own terms! Not only will your beer be hand crafted by you, but will be milled by you too!

Monster Brewing Hardware, manufacturer of the Monster Mill, creates hand crafted grain mills for home brewers like you and me. Their mills are carefully designed to grind the grains for making beer at home like the legendary home brewer that you are! They have 5 different model mills including their MM3-Pro with heat treated rollers that can run a small brewery, all the way down to the tried and true MM-2 for any serious all-grain brewer. Now in stock – be sure to get yours today!