Distilling Made Easy with the Still Spirits T500

How to Distil using the Still Spirits T500

It’s always a great idea to distil your own alcohol, however, there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the status as a master distiller!


The first step involves having to make a wash by utilizing the T500 and Air Still

It is highly recommended that you use the Still Spirits Turbo Yeast,Turbo Sugar, and the carbon range with the T500 and Air Still in order to achieve the very best results out of your still.

The wash is made by combing the water, yeast and sugar together and allowing it to stand and ferment. Next, using Turbo Clear, you clear your wash before proceeding to distilling.

Step 2 involves the fun part – distilling!

The fermented mix is then heated up to boiling point, the alcohol vapour then rises up to the top of the still as a result and therefore condenses back into liquid alcohol. This liquid alcohol is thus more pure than its original fermented juice state.

Step 3 is all about filtering…

It is vitally important that you filter your distilled spirit from any impurities in order to make it pure.

Utilize the Still Spirits Carbon range for filtering. How it works is the activated carbon then absorbs all of the impurities but allows the alcohol) to pass through.

Step 4 is the creative part as it allows you to experiment with the various flavourings and botanicals. It is entirely up to you on whether you wish to infuse your alcohol with our range of botanicals or you could use our Icon or Top Shelf range for the flavouring.

And there you have it – distilling couldn’t be easier! Cheers!