Beers that may Tickle your fancy if you like Saisons

 2019-07-26 12:25 PM by

Beers that tickle your fancy.

If you are fond of Saisons, then you may also like the following beers:

Bière de Garde: Is a relatively strong malted farmhouse styled beer and being a French beer, it is also related to the typical Saison style, but the emphasis is more on the malt.

A Belgian Golden Ale: This beer contains delicately soft malt characteristics and has the perfect balance and harmony between fruits and spices. This beer style is under 100 years old and it was developed during World War II as a retaliation towards to ever-growing popularity of Pilsners.

Berliner Weisse: A low-alcohol, sour and pale wheat ale from Berlin, Germany. It was noted that Napoleon’s troops referred to it as the Champagne of the North.

Gueuze: It is a sour ale that is fermented spontaneously. It has a balanced sour acidic character and is wheat-based. It has also been fermented by a variety of wild Belgian yeasts.


Cheers, and we hope that this will create a little variety in your beer tasting according to your fondness.